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Leintelstraße 8, 73262 Reichenbach/Fils

With our "drilling professionals" to the production advantage!


DRILLING IN A NEW DIMENSION - this is possible with our new drilling professionals! The solid carbide high-performance drills have it all.


Starting with the new development "KEMPF ExBurrDrill", the drill for which you ideally no longer need another deburring tool. If exit burrs have to be avoided, the new KEMPF ExBurrDrill has clear advantages. Thanks to its special and patented tool geometry, burr formation at the exit of the bore is reduced to a minimum and, ideally, a downstream process for deburring is unnecessary. For the first time, this tool development has made it possible to achieve burr-minimizing bore machining without sacrificing tool life and process speeds. Even in the case of an unfavorable position of the bore exits on curved surfaces, radii or on slopes, burr-minimal bore exits can be produced.


      • Patented tool geometry for low burr formation and long tool life
      • Patented side griding for minimal burr formation even at high feed rates
      • Solid carbide substrate with the best properties in terms of flexural strength and toughness
      • TiAlN multilayer coating with low thermal conductivity as a protective shield for the solid carbide substrate



The new KEMPF Multidrill TriCut expands the product range in terms of high speed. The innovative tool concept makes the weakness of conventional three-edged drills a thing of the past. For highest chip volumes in drilling, there is no way around the three-fluted KEMPF MultiDrill TriCut. The drill is designed for high-speed machining from shank to tip and, thanks to its innovative pointing, guarantees reliable chip removal in a very wide range of materials. Machining times for drilling applications can be significantly reduced and tool life increased. Thus, with the KEMPF MultiDrill TriCut you ideally achieve...

      • 50% more feed per revolution
      • Precise centering behavior thanks to pyramid-shaped cross cutting edge
      • Process safe chip transport even in difficult materials due to the special pointing
      • Maximum tool life due to continuous wear of 3 insteadt of 2 cutting blades



The KEMPF SteelDrill DualCut and the InoxDrill DualCut round off the range of „drilling   professionals“ and ensure highly precise boreholes in use – even though they tumble in the process. Now the question comes up - Why do the two DualCuts do this? Because this results in less friction and thus the process temperature is not as high as with comparable drills. The KEMPF DualCut drill deliberately causes the tool to tumbling movement minimally so that the guide chamfers of the tool are in contact with the bore wall for only a small portion of the machining path. This leads to …

      • Significantly higher cutting speed
      • Less vibration due to asymmetrical design
      • Highly polished chip flutes guarantee optimum chip evacuation
      • Für dynamic machining centers and high efficiency



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