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The Burrless Chamfering Cutter wins the Best of Industry Award 2023

Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to bring a genuine innovation to the market and solve real problems with it, Xebec from Japan has managed to significantly improve the working principle of a chamfer cutter and develop a cutting edge shape that has never existed before. With the world's first V-shaped cutting edges, it is now possible to create secondary burr-free chamfers, eliminating the need for additional deburring.

This not only reduces production costs, but also significantly increases the quality of the chamfer or component, which can also save the odd complaint or two. Such as in the latest application in the machining of flywheels for a well-known sports car manufacturer from Italy.

The gearing of the forged flywheels made of 1.1140-C15R steel with a production volume of 10,000 units per year needed to be machined in such a way that no secondary burr was produced. This was only possible to a limited extent with the standard chamfer cutter previously used, which is why the cutter had to be replaced after just 50 components. Special approval for a secondary burr of up to 0.075 mm was also required from the end customer in order to prevent ongoing complaints.

After the first tests with the Burrless Chamfering Cutter type BXCC03M, 210 components were initially machined before the tool change. After further tests and measurements, as many as 250 components have since been produced in series production without secondary burrs until the cutter is replaced. The Burrless Chamfering Cutter not only improved the tool life by a factor of 5, the cycle time was also reduced by over 60% thanks to the improved cutting values, meaning that the machining costs were also more than halved.

See the award-winning tool for yourself!

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