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Leintelstraße 8, 73262 Reichenbach/Fils

Produce valve bodies burr-free from the machine with „High Speed Deburring“

Founded in 1974 by Hans Weidemann in Straubenhardt near Pforzheim, the actual focus of the individual company was to develop and sell valves for hydraulic systems. It was not until Franz Reher joined the company a year later that the company started its own production, for which Reher himself stood at the machines at that time. The subsequent high demand for hydraulic valves also fueled the demand for valve housings and control blocks, so that from then on these were also manufactured in-house. The quality was convincing and the resulting good reputation as well as the orientation towards the field of "special solutions" were so well received that 48 years later, six warehouse and production buildings are located at the same site. In the meantime, 42 employees are still engaged in the manufacture and sale of valve bodies, control blocks, sub-bases, manifold sub-bases and other valve components.

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