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Precise deburring for precise hits - KEMPF tools in practice

Absolute precision is what drives every sports shooter. The challenge is to be able to make accurate shots with your weapon, even at long distances. On the one hand, this requires a great deal of experience and skill on the part of the shooter, but on the other hand it also requires the best and, above all, highly accurate "material".

So that long guns (rifles) can be used even more precisely, there are so-called "muzzle brakes" which, when mounted on the barrel, deflect the gases produced when firing and thus reduce the recoil.

With the product "Sinus Brake", the manufacturer "deecee precision GmbH" has brought a high-precision muzzle brake onto the market that combines the optimum of precision, recoil reduction and gas deflection.

Angled holes in the first baffle guide the resulting gases away from the shooter and enable a more pleasant shooting experience than muzzle brakes on the market. The additional "Barrel Tuner" with its weight and many adjustment options optimizes the swing behavior during firing. This allows you to get the maximum precision out of your rifle.

In order to guarantee this precision when shooting, all parts must of course be manufactured with high precision - including the "Sinus Brake". The completely CNC-manufactured individual components "Made in Germany" should of course also be deburred by machine, i.e. with consistent quality. Deburring the M4 thread for clamping on the inside of the "Barrel Tuner" proved to be a relatively difficult task. As a burr on the inside could cause considerable damage during assembly, the thread of the main bore had to be produced completely burr-free.

Barrell Tuner  

Only the Back-Burr Cutter & Path deburring system from KEMPF could guarantee burr-free and reliable production. The Back-Burr Cutter BXC-28-A with a head diameter of 2.8 mm and the stepped shank, together with the specially generated NC data set, enables contour-accurate tracing of the thread exit so that all burrs are removed in the CNC machine. Even with the stainless steel used, the constant offset of the milling cutter cutting point to the component results in an immensely long tool life.

Back Burr Cutter & Path Entgratsystem


The #burr-free processing directly on the machine eliminates uneconomical manual work and guarantees consistent quality, so that ultimately the shooter also benefits and easily clears the 10 points.

more information on the Back-Burr Cutter & Path deburring system