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Leintelstraße 8, 73262 Reichenbach/Fils

Large series, sharp edges - Automated deburring with intelligent milling cutter and ceramic fiber brush

... 'Absolutely burr-free' requirement posed problems for the pavers

In the market segment in which Stemplinger operates, expertise and manufacturing quality play a decisive role, as customers, most of whom are in the automotive sector, have high quality standards. Whether complex components for drivetrains and all-wheel drive systems or smaller components such as gearing parts and aluminum housings - because all processing steps such as turning, milling and gear cutting take place in-house, continuous quality assurance is required and is also ensured at Stemplinger.

These factors are extremely important for the customers of the 50-strong company and in October 2021, for the first time in the company's history, led to a major order being placed for a series component with around 20,000 units per year.
The hydraulic component, which was initially developed as a prototype and milled from a sawn section of an extruded aluminum profile, must be delivered to the customer completely burr-free due to its intended use. What sounds simple, however, posed a major problem for the employees responsible, as manual deburring, as was often done in the past, was no longer an option in series production.
... Many different tool solutions were tested on the market in order to deburr the contour and the surfaces on the outside as well as the milled pockets and holes without leaving any residue. However, none of the tools were convincing. This in turn led to complaints from the customer, as the components simply did not meet the specification of being completely burr-free.

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