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Leintelstraße 8, 73262 Reichenbach/Fils

Ceramic fiber tools made of high-performance ceramics for best deburring and polishing results of surfaces, edges and bores

Wherever workpieces require a special surface finish, ceramic fiber tools are usually the first choice. This is where high-performance ceramics meet parts that must perform at peak levels, especially in the aerospace and automotive industries. The unique properties far outshine those of conventional wire brushes or nylon brushes loaded with ceramic particles. For example, ceramic fiber brushes can be used to machine cross bores and surfaces, while grinding pin are ideal for pinpoint fine deburring. The process-safe deburring or polishing sequences can thus be implemented in the complete machining of the components, so that manual post-processing becomes superfluous. KEMPF, the deburring specialist from Reichenbach Fils, is the exclusive sales partner of these special deburring and polishing tool solutions and can meanwhile look back on a large expertise in applications - from tiny titanium components to huge engine blocks machined with Xebec ceramics.

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