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#burrfree - Defined chamfering without secondary burrs with the new "Burrless Chamfering Cutter" and the world's first V-shaped cutting edge

Bringing a real innovation to the market in the field of standard deburring cutters is a challenge, as there is already one or more solutions for almost every application. Nevertheless, the manufacturer of high-quality deburring tools Xebec from Japan has set itself the task of taking the "chamfer cutter" to a new level and has developed a cutting edge that has never been seen before. With the world's first V-shaped cutting edge, the formation of secondary burrs is completely avoided, so that the use of the "Burrless Chamfering Cutter" eliminates downstream deburring processes and significantly reduces the tool and production costs of chamfers. Deburring specialist KEMPF has put the innovative chamfering tool through its paces itself and has already equipped the first customers with the new tool. The feedback has been overwhelming.

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