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Leintelstraße 8, 73262 Reichenbach/Fils

#burrfree at the AMB Stuttgart

Since the requirements of high-precision components are constantly increasing and perfect deburring is becoming more and more important, our attention is particularly focused on the goal of also automating the deburring processing step as completely as possible, so that you can produce "#burrfree straight out of the machine". Particularly in the case of increasingly complex components with increasingly difficult workpiece contours, today's competitive advantage lies in manufacturing them as efficiently as possible and in consistently high quality, and in using the best and most suitable deburring tools for this purpose. 

We at KEMPF offer you exactly THAT! As a specialist for deburring applications, we can offer you the necessary deburring solutions not only for prototyping or small series - we are also guaranteed to have the right tool ready for large series production for materials ranging from aluminum to super-hard special alloys.












We showed a selection of deburring and other tooling solutions at our AMB booth and were able to show many users ways to fully automate and ultimately simplify their production.

Our employees proved that fun is not to be missed out on, as they made the booth shine with their good mood and helped KEMPF to become "known" outside of hall 1 as well ;-)