DMG-MORI “Open House”

by kempf kempf

We were also represented with two Xebec tool solutions at the DMG-MORI „Open House” days last week in Pfronten. The Xebec Back-Burr Cutter & Path mastered the complex deburring of the thread exits of this sample workpiece. Speed, precision and tool life were the decisive characteristics for equipping the CNC-Lathe from DMG-MORI with the tool of the year 2018 (MM Maschinenmarkt).



At the DMG-MORI “Open House” days in Pfronten, the CNC lathe was equipped with a Xebec ceramic fiber brush, among other tools, which took over the deburring work of the milled surfaces of the milled surfaces of the sample workpiece. On request, the CNC lathe from DMG-MORI will be equipped with this innovative deburring solution from Kempf.