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In the year 1962 Werner S. Kempf founded the company “Werner S. Kempf” in September.

His insight to offer the right cutting materials and cutting tools for the growing industrialization and the increasingly important metal processing proved to be correct. Equipped with a wealth of “know-how” in the field of cutting tools, his idea hit the core of the time, as the bar for precision and performance rose continuously.

In 1992 Peter Hedrich took over the sole proprietorship “Werner S. Kempf” and founded KEMPF GmbH. The focus was never on, unconditional sales growth, but on intelligent solutions and highest manufacturing precision. Since only those who have this goal in mind can offer tools that are needed to solve problems. Today we are known as a reliable partner for special tools and deburring solutions.

Since its foundation, Kempf has made a name for itself in this field and is known and in demand worldwide as a “problem solver”. In the more than 50 years since the company was founded, the product range has also continued to develop, so that today Kempf also offers PKD- & CBN-Tools, drilling- & milling-tools, turning- & grooving tools as well as roller burnishing tools in addition to special and deburring tools. Kempf GmbH thus covers the entire range of metal cutting tools.

Kempf has built a large network on first-class suppliers and partners, since its founding, so that the development of special tool solutions for the most difficult tasks can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently, The lean company structure guarantees flexibility and a high readiness to deliver.

Due to the worldwide operating partners, the company can also fall back on standard solutions for individual tasks, so that long waiting times at the customers are avoided and thus also costs are reduced.


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Customer orientation

You as a customer have the highest priority at Kempf. With strong tool solutions, speed in machining as well as highest precision in production and in the final result, you have the decisive competitive advantage with us.

This starts with detailed, comprehensive advice and tailor-made design, continues with unerring product selection and ends with the fastest possible delivery. If further support is needed afterwards, you will find the right contact person here.

Our service for you

Customer service

  • Processing support,
  • Technical consulting
  • On-site operational Support

Project supervision

  • Complete machining solutions,
  • Latest tool Technology,
  • Documentation

After Sales Service

  • Tool preparation,
  • Product support
  • Production optimization

Social Commitment

Despite our economic thinking and actions, we do not forget that there is also a downside to success. We therefore see it as our duty to take care of those whose future is not in their own hands. We take this task very seriously and make our contribution out of conviction and with great pleasure.

Heart for Children Germany e.V.

Through the help of humanitarian organisations at least a part of people in need receives a little support or the possibility to enjoy a school education. Heart for Children Germany e.V. has made it its mission to build and run a school for orphans in Osia (Uganda).

In addition, Heart for Children Germany e.V. arranges sponsorships for children in need. Sponsorships as we have taken over for our godchild Mary Akoth from Osia.

Further information about the work of Heart for Children e.V. can be found


If you want to produce quality products reliably at a competitive price in the long term, you can’t do without efficient, high-quality tool technology. Therefore the quality of our products is always in the foreground. The machining precision we offer, the high reliability and readiness to deliver as well as the high durability of our tools speak for us.

However, our high quality standards do not only apply to our products, but also to all Kempf services. The certification of our company according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 is therefore a matter of course.

DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 Certificate