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Our participation in the best of Industry Award THE XEBEC BACK-BURR CUTTER

Our Xebec Back-Burr Cutter & Path deburring system, already featured in the December issue of MM-Maschinenmarkt “The Product Guide” was voted Product of the Year in the field of machining and is now officially nominated for the Best of Industry Award 2019 in the field of machining.

The Xebec Back-Burr Cutter & Path deburring system, consisting of a deburring cutter and NC data set (Path) generated especially for your application, is able to efficiently and highly productively deburr the most complicated 3D-curved bore edges with the highest precision.

This innovation is currently the only tool system on the market that can shift its cutter cutting point during contour machining and thus always utilizes the entire cutting surface. This increases the tool life many times over.

In addition, a single, machining pass is usually sufficient to deburr normal contours without leaving any residue and with a uniform chamfer width. This makes the deburring system one of the fastest on the market and supports you in optimizing your work processes.

The winners in the respective areas will be determined by an online vote and an expert jury and the prizes will be awarded on 27 June 2019.

If you have an appropriate application, please contact our specialists – we will also find the best solution for your deburring problem.



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DMG-MORI “Open House”

We were also represented with two Xebec tool solutions at the DMG-MORI „Open House” days last week in Pfronten. The Xebec Back-Burr Cutter & Path mastered the complex deburring of the thread exits of this sample workpiece. Speed, precision and tool life were the decisive characteristics for equipping the CNC-Lathe from DMG-MORI with the tool of the year 2018 (MM Maschinenmarkt).



At the DMG-MORI “Open House” days in Pfronten, the CNC lathe was equipped with a Xebec ceramic fiber brush, among other tools, which took over the deburring work of the milled surfaces of the milled surfaces of the sample workpiece. On request, the CNC lathe from DMG-MORI will be equipped with this innovative deburring solution from Kempf.

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Tools made of high-performance ceramics

A material like no other – with this self-confident statement, the Japanese company XEBEC, together with the company Kempf from Reichenbach an der Fils, presented ist deburring and polishing tools made of high performance ceramics at the EMO Hannover 2017, which are characterized by an unsurpassed grinding and cutting force.

“Innovation begins with the impossible” – the headline of the company philosophy of the Tokyo-based manufacturer already makes clear the self-confidence with which XEBEC faces challenges. The goal is nothing less that the realization of the seemingly impossible. For the Japanese it is above all important to automate simple tasks as far as possible so that people can engage in demanding and creative activities. Following this maxim, the Japanese also declared the statement many years ago, that it is a myth that manual deburring is the only way to remove burrs. The ceramic fiber tools now presented at EMO Hannover 2017 will also contribute to the deburring process.

Up to 1000 ceramic fibers ensure excellent cutting properties

The products manufactured by XEBEC use abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grain. A single bristle, according to the Japanese, consists of 500 – 1,000 ceramic fibers with excellent cutting properties that act as cutting edges. XEBEC engineers emphasize three features of the innovative ceramic fiber: “overwhelming grinding force”, “consistent cutting performance” and “no deformation”, allowing CNC deburring and polishing. According to the Japanese, the promised “overwhelming grinding force” is due in part to the fact that the unique XEBEC ceramic fibers have cutting edges composed of the tip of each fiber bristle. This provides up to sixty times more grinding power than a nylon brush and the burrs can be removed extremely thoroughly.

Innovative deburring tool in combination with NC data record

At the joint stand, where the company Kempf from Reichenbach (Fils) was also represented there was lively interest due to the wide range of possible applications. In addition to the ceramic fiber tools, the recently introduced but already very successfully used Back-Burr Cutter was presented. The innovative deburring system, consisting of a specially developed highly positive deburring cutter in combination with an NC data set generated for the customer application, is characterized by the reduced machining time as well as the process-safe and absolutely clean deburring of elliptical edges on intersecting bores. The NC data set is individually programmed in advance for the customer’s application and thus ensures optimum operation with constant utilization of the tool cutting edge.

Kempf, who has been known for decades as a competent and respected partner in metal cutting, attaches particular importance to the cost-effectiveness of the products offered. Reduced machining times with a simultaneous increase in durability and process reliability during machining are important aspects here. Xebec offers excellent deburring solutions for this purpose, whose products are exclusively available in Germany from deburring specialist Kempf.