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Please note:

Due to the escalation or raw material prices and general cost developements, we are forced to increase or prices on standard and special products as of March 1st 2018 with a uniform surcharge of 3,8 %. The following items of our standard range are excluded from this increase:

-Ceramic Deburring Tools
-GMO Deburring Tools
-Mini Bore- and Grooving System
-Lathe Tools and Tool Bits
-Deburring and Chamferring Tools

The product documents ot these items are in revision and will be released with new prices shortly. Up to the release of the new catalogues, these product groups are exempted from the surcharge.

VCGT 13030R FN-25M DX2
unique cutting edge stability for excellent results in plastic and alloy machining

multiple edge-tipped- or solid-CBN inserts in the accustomed Kempf Top Quality!
special tools
special tools
Should there be no existing tool suited for your specific application, we will design it - reliable, fast and economic.

special tools
deburring tools
deburring tools
We offer a very wide range of deburring tools for every application, as well as unique deburring brushes for cross holes and surfaces!

deburring tools